Old website reloaded!!

I went through all my old data disks, and found a copy of this old website I made back in 2006. Its rough around the edges, but its better than what I had up before. So I re-uploaded the data, and this is what you get. I might do something with it, I might not. Time will tell. - admin 05/20/2012

I got some new user submitted material up and running. Check it in the gallery. Basically my boy from jersey scanned some of his sketches from back in the day, and sent them my way. Then I made a flash movie outta dem, and they were put up. Its that simple. So submit yer shit! - admin 5/11/06

I've been playin with some mods for the forum. If you look around you will notice a button for a photo album. Yah, it dont work. Everything went smoothly till the last step. dunno, gonna try and figure it out but we will just have to see. Been busy with other stuff, but still comin here to play around a litte. Thinkin of flash... - admin 5/03/06

Got some submissions in the forum by some of my boys (The Autumn Krew). Some really dope mixes are now up and ready for downloading. Gonna use their own hosts as long as I can. Other than that, nothing really major has been going on. Definetly send me e-mail if any of the links go bad. Check back laters for new material.... - admin 3/26/06

Things are finally coming together. Keep a look out and you will see small little things that will completely change things around. GET YOUR ARSE IN THE FORUMS! SUBMIT ANYTHING TO ME NOW!!!! - admin - 3/21/06

Aight, I completely forgot about my events page. Got links and shit updated. Got place holders for everything im pretty sure now. Updated the Home page to have this super leet iframe. It makes sense and I basically stole the idea from destroyer.net. Oh and I fixed the gallery that I fucked up like an idiot. Still need to redesign it to fit better and all that stuff. - admin - 3/18/06

Alright, its 8am Friday morning after I release the initial new site design. Im sitting here fresh outta the shower tweakin shit around for better usage. Got the gallery kinda in there, that needs some work though. Generally things are going smooth though. Oh and btw I fuggen hate IE, it really is a horrible browser, especially for people to design shit for. - admin - 3/17/06

Here it is, for all to see. Woot woot. Aight, basically its all the same except for the way it looks. Tis all good though, got a forum up and gonna have a chat room once i figure out how to get it to work. As usual, Check back time to time and notice all the cool new stuff! -admin - 3/16/06